Ken Ferris


Because Ken works primarily as a commission artist, his work transcends any particular style and defies categorization. Interpreting the needs and interests of his clients is of the utmost importance.

Ken Ferris, an artist/designer from Boonville, New York, isn't afraid to meet any customer's challenge. Recent challenges included turning an old, neglected hunting camp into a vacationer's dream lodge. The deck of the master loft blended into the woodland scene carved on the double garage doors below. Inside the house, a double-sided entertainment center was hidden behind doors carved with a mighty black bear on the living room side, and a forest scene on the dining room side. Headboards on the beds featured moose, bear, deer and a Native American design out of birch. Birch and twig were also used for the dining room chandelier, which consisted of over 750 pieces. The 4x10 foot dining room table below comfortably seats twelve in maple and cherry seats, each constructed originally and with a personality of it's own. The living room mantel is a 17 foot carved and twigged masterpiece that would welcome any tired skier to it's hearth.

A newer challenge was redesigning and adding life to a Florida Keys golf community residence. His skill went into creating a garage door with a roseate spoonbill and other Everglade wildlife and flora and fauna. The 312 square foot entertainment center featured herons, mangrove trees, and even an alligator lurking in the reeds. Florida wildlife friezes surround carved wooden ceiling fans. All this welcomes the amazed visitor who has just come through the carved hibiscus and bird of paradise entranceway.

Ken's customers include "three presidents" (one of which, he was invited to their Inaugural Ball ), the Abbie Aldrich Rockefeller museum, the Museum of American Folk Art, the Corey Gallery, and other museums and galleries throughout the country. Movie and television celebrities and sports stars have also purchased Ferris' works. He has been featured in magazine articles and in advertisements for trade shows. He has received recognition in local and national TV.

All this is even more amazing considering Ken's beginning. From his first commercial venture at age 14 designing advertising for a national chain, he embarked on a life with the carnival at age 16 where he painted sideshows and carnival fronts. This brought him to a southern metropolis where he did a cartoon series for a newspaper. Ken's life has been as exciting as his work.