Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you design all of your own work?
Yes, Ive been designing since 1969 and carving since '72. Then in 1988 & 1991 my sons Dylan and Tyme joined me at their ripe old ages of 7. In fact, some of the designs you see on the website were designed by my sons. Tyme, now designs for a major retailer & on occasion I can still get some input from him. Dylan, (who can be seen constructing a chair on the website) has come back from Alaska to assist me in designs & carving in between travels.

2. Can you replicate a design someone else comes up with?
Yes designs can be replicated from an outside design but it's up to the customer to get permission from the designer if you did not personally come up with the design yourself.

3. Do you just work in wood?
No. Metal, tile, glass and stone are used also depending on the design.

4. Can I purchase a piece from the pictures on the web site (i.e. can you replicate furniture you have already created, such as the 'scream' chair)?
Yes. You can purchase most pieces from what you see on the site, or multiples for catalogs & shops. Yes, we do sell to the trade.

5. How long does it take to make a particular piece?
Each piece can take from a week to several months or more, depending on the piece(s) and how far back logged we are.

6. How do you price out a piece of furniture?
Because each of our pieces are completly hand crafted, prices are determined by size, type of material and complexity of design. Entry doors start at $3200 with Screen Doors starting at $250. Example Deer and Moose Doors start at $4200. High Relief (A thicker, deeper carve) Doors start at $4800. Again the price will change with materials, glass in the door (clear, etched or stained glass are options), sidelights and transoms are also available, and your carving can continue through them. Our mantels can start at $2,200, and usually include a small "secret hiding place" for documents or just for fun. Kitchen cabinets begin around the $5,000 mark for a five foot section, which includes a base and two hanging cabinets with valance. Full kitchen design is available. Sketches for any project begin with a deposit of $150 for a simple drawing that is refunded into the price of your finished piece (click here to obtain a printable 'sketch request' form). A detailed drawing, suitable for framing, is also available of any project for a nonrefundable price starting at $500. For other items or any questions please call or e-mail. The customer always pays for shipping & crating.

All custom orders require a deposit of 50% down with balance due just prior to shipping.

7. Where do you get your materials?
I get my wood from downed trees or carefully selected trees from my property & the lumber from area lumber mills for the most part.

Though great care is taken to give our customers the best quality piece we can give. From time to time there will be a need to adjust a trim or a stop to conform to the doors we build. Each piece is hand built, carved and sanded so a machine like preciseness is not always possible. They may vary in thickness, the carving may vary, a check may occur. This is all part of the balance between a hand made, custom made piece and a machine made cookie cutter,everyone has one piece. When you buy one of our pieces you are buying just that...a piece of working art custom made by hand just for you.
If there is a problem we will try to work with you as best we can. but remember that this is a two way street and timely communication is necessary.

Mistreatment of one of our pieces is the same as the mistreatment of any other art work and the artist is not held responsible.